Friday, February 21, 2014

Thoughts from Assisting Living

With Mom sick again, I've been thinking a lot today and want to share some thoughts. First, let me say that none of what's coming is really about me. It's about you - you guys blessed to still have your mom or dad. And, it's about God and His goodness. 

Being on all three "sides" of this "parent" thing - as someone who was parented and someone who is a parent and someone who is now parenting their parent - life has a whole new perspective than it did back when my parents didn't do everything "right". Don't get me wrong, I was blessed, but let's face it, there is no "perfect home". When I crossed over from parented to parenting, I realized what a tough job it is, and I came to understand the importance of  forgiveness - giving it and asking for it.

 Healing is a beautiful thing and forgiveness is a gift we give each other and ourselves. Since Dad died 8 1/2 years ago, Mom's needed more support than before, but the last nine months have brought a total role reversal where she's needed help with everything, even the most basic hygiene. And, now, more than ever, I am so grateful for forgiveness and healing, for the ability to freely serve and love and for tenderness and gentleness - none of which I am capable of on my own; they are sweet gifts from a gracious God. 

If you are blessed to still have your mom or dad, please treasure every moment. Please exercise grace and seek restoration of damaged relationships. Please know that your kids, should you have them, are watching you. They see how you honor your parents, and they are learning how to honor you in the process.

 These moments I have with Mom are numbered. I don't know how many I have, but I want each one to be one I walk away from knowing Mom knows I love her. Your moments with your parents are numbered, too. You may be blessed to have many, many moments to come, or they could come to an unexpected end tomorrow. 

Please, please, please, forgive them, treasure them, love them, honor them. When you don't have the strength to do those things yourself, God and His goodness will enable you if you seek His strength. I love you, my friends! Be blessed!

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