Friday, December 31, 2010

Seth's Room - Guest Room

Well, last but certainly not least, is Seth's room and a second guest room for those who want to come for a visit. This is the view from the door. The wedding ring quilt on the bed was made by Mamaw for my mom and dad when they got married.

Two walls in this room had been blue prior to the remodeling.

The dresser below had been my Granddad's, and the shelf above is filled with treasures.

These stamps belonged to my Dad. I guess I had rubber- stamping in my blood. :)

This case contains treasures from both Honey and Granddad (on the left) and Mamaw and Papaw (on the right).

This Bible belonged to Papaw, and I love seeing his sweet notes and underlining. I am so blessed to have such a Godly heritage!

These boots belonged to my Daddy when he was a little boy. My brother Dub wore them, and I wore them. Sarah and Seth both wore them also. When Sarah was two, my sweet mother-in-law gave Sarah and my niece Brittney matching pink and white seersucker dresses with beautiful Battinburg lace cuffs and collar for Easter. I, of course, bought Sarah white patin leather shoes to wear with her precious dress. Sarah, on the other hand, wanted to wear these boots, and on Easter morning, she did wear them with her pretty dress. She was adorable.

The bear was given to me by Dub and is a duplicate of a bear I was given in the early 60s by my Aunt Wilda and Uncle Johnny, and the doll was a handmade doll I've had since I was a child.

Smokey the bear is another of my childhood 'lovies', and the dog was my Papaw's when he was a child in the late 1890s and is stuffed with straw. The jar is filled with only a few of my Granddad's pen collection.

One last look at my treasure shelf, and my Dad's and Granddad's hats.
Well, you've now seen the entire house with the exception of the half bath downstairs and laundry room. Thanks for hanging in there with me. Come see in person any time you want! We'd love to see you!

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