Monday, December 1, 2008

Not Me! Monday

OK, so this is not just my second post EVER on my blog. I have not had this blog since July and am not only now adding another post. I did not just get a lump in my throat when I reread that first post.

This is not my first ever Not Me! Monday. I did not just type the entire post, hit the back button, think I'd lost the whole post, and retype the entire thing before I realized it had been auto-saved as a draft.
I did not learn an awful lot about this blog stuff by linking in my title back to MckMama's blog, uploading pictures, and inserting the jpg of Not Me! Monday. I did not yell, "Yeah, me!" when everything worked.

I did not travel to my in-laws for Thanksgiving and help cook the feast only to return home on Friday and cook another one so my kids could have leftovers!

I did not take these pictures of my kids and their cousins on Thanksgiving day, and we do not have the same pictures taken eight years ago with everyone in the same places.

I did not stop for gas on the way home from my in-laws and decide it was too cold to drink my chocolate shake protein drink. I did not toss the cup into the trash can only to have the cold liquid bounce far enough into the air to come down on my head and arm. I did not say words I had to apologize to my kids for saying. I was not so angry that I was tempted to change my shirt while standing in the middle of the gas station parking lot.

I did not stay up Saturday night until 3:00 a.m., talking with my DH, and I did not go to church Sunday morning with major bags and dark circles under my eyes from lack of sleep.

I did not have major contentment in my heart, sitting in church with my DH and my two sweet kids.

We did not take these pictures with my kids yesterday before they headed back to college.

This is not my DH David, son Seth, and daughter Sarah.

We did not take this picture with our furry kids, Tess, Daisy, and Attie.

And we certainly did not put antlers on all of our dogs.

And last but not least, I did not cry when my kids left to go back to school!

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